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Use top quality packaging materials, such as our Atlantic Courier Services-branded line, for protecting your items. Make sure the packaging used is suitable for the shipment’s weight, clearly marking anything weighing over 25kg as ‘heavy’; it is useful to provide additional support and cushioning too. This helps our team prepare for moving heavier packages without the risk of an accident. For small items Atlantic Courier Services self-sealing plastic satchels are appropriate. Multiple items should be wrapped separately. Any irregularly shaped and delicate parcels must be given extra protection, such as covering in bubble wrap or filling any gaps with rolled up newspaper. Carefully pack metal and sharp objects to avoid harming anyone or anything during transit.

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We deliver more than a million shipments every day in perfect condition. Proper packaging, labeling and documentation helps ensure yours will be one of them


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Logistics is a driving force behind globalization. Explore our stories surrounding the logistics of global trade and international business.

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PPAL puts into practice everything other logistics companies speak of. The team is always accessible, ...


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They provide an excellent job taking care of our logistics needs and providing us with ...

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We have been receiving the services from PGL for the past five years and this ...